WELCOME. If you've just found your way to the District 31 website: then we wish you the warmest welcome imaginable. If you want to learn about the latest games we've got in development, then you're in the right place. We've got a nightmarish Cthulhu card game on the way, but first if you ever wanted to blow your enemies to bits with magical weaponry created by insane super genius goblins who've been sniffing way too much Arcanium, then get ready as the playtest is about to start real soon!

Ember: From the Ashes

Ember-From-the-Ashes-BoxFrom the Ashes is the sequel to the Magical Card Game: Ember and sees a host of new additions, including new creatures, brand new Tutors, magical artifacts, and the powerful elemental god cards. From the Ashes focuses on the endgame and player interaction to supercharge Ember into a tense and exciting game of creature conjuring.

Containing at least 40 cards, Ember is an introductory game with lots of strategy and paths to victory that everyone can enjoy.

Check out From the Ashes on Kickstarter here.

For Ages: 8+

Ember: The Magical Card Game

emberboxsmallEmber is the game of rival apprentice wizards seeking to impress by conjuring the most powerful set of mythical creatures. Each creature you conjure increases your chances of getting better creatures as the game goes on. Use their powers to manipulate the game to your advantage. It's that simple!

Containing 110 cards (including a gorgeous deck of playing cards), Ember is an introductory game with lots of strategy and paths to victory that everyone can enjoy.

For Ages: 8+

Eldritch: The Horror Card Game

eldsmallEldritch is a game set in H.P. Lovecraft’s gothic world of unfathomable creatures and ancient powers. From 3 to 5 players, you play cultists vying for the favour of the Great Old Ones. Travel to strange locations in search of fragments of spells and glyphs of power; uncover ancient mysteries, defeat challenges, and risk your very sanity to be the first player to conjure the manifestation of your favoured deity.

With art by the amazing Will Liu, Eldritch features a slew of cards, dice, madness counters, and… four giant and gorgeous models of the Great Old Ones: Hastur, Nodens, Cthulhu, and Ithaqua which are your ultimate goal and the means by which you will crush your enemies!