Artist Jobs

Here are the current list of art jobs we have available


This is a really easy role. Looking for an artist to create around 30 illustrations for the sequel to our already published fantasy game, Ember. This role is to start mid-June 2016.

Basic Brief: Looking for an artist to create 30 *creature only* images in full and glorious colour. The EXACT style is incredibly apparent in the images below and I need to see an exact replication of this KIND of style. We’re not looking for a mirror image of these, but something gorgeous and light and bright and evocative of a game of fire conjuring.

The artist will have free rein to work on these cards with the card list given with only a bit of art direction where necessary, so you will be able to work your magic.

5 cards



1. Send me a LINK to your online portfolio. Do not send any attachments.

2. Please give me a general quote for a single card (we can talk the whole project later). I want to see a link to a special piece you have created and a price for that piece (then there’s no ambiguity on pricing).

3. Your portfolio MUST that at least loosely match the art request and in this case, I’m looking for something colourful and striking – this is your chance to create some seriously incredible creations.


Dark Unicorn Fantasy Art: Very dark and even cooler artist required to bring to life ultra sinister unicorns and super brilliant colours in one incredible vision.


How to Apply: Send us an email and include a LINK to your portfolio along with your rates card.