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It’s finally here… the final Ember expansion – Trick or Treat – is being printed. I seem to only post my publishing woes on this page, but to say it’s been a massive undertaking – that would be an understatement. The challenges of Hercules would have been preferable to getting this expansion printed. I’d rather […]

There are days when I think I’ve angered Great Cthulhu and that my little publishing company is cursed. I don’t want to speak badly of anyone that isn’t here to defend themselves, but I’ve just had another artist pull out of the Cake Off project. Another one! I got no notice and simply a warning […]

I’ve been in professional publishing for almost thirty years, and I never – ever – thought starting my own company would be so difficult. And despite Cake Off – which should be one of District 31’s flagship games (simply because it’s awesome), it’s still taken three years to get off the ground. And I can […]

After all the delays and – I wager – every excuse under the sun, I think – I hope – that we’ll have a full schedule for 2019. And I wanted to talk about it a little bit. Coming soon is Snowball Storm – an action packed super light game that is Christmas themed and […]

It’s only been three years since we were supposed to launch Cake Off, and things almost entirely stalled in 2018, but it’s almost time to come back to full operations. The website will be given a complete overhaul in the coming weeks in readiness for Snowball Storm, which will launch end of May 2019 or […]

With the massive delays on my projects, I’ve started to doubt my own abilities as an art director. The more bad things happen and the more artists drop out of projects, the more I start to doubt myself and whether I’m in the right role and whether it’s not them but it’s ME that’s at […]

I am very excited to introduce Maria Becvar to the District 31 team. Maria is working exclusively on Cake Off right now and her skill, charm, and ability to deliver clear artwork on time has not gone unnoticed. You can see Maria’s profile at: But other art directors, be warned: no stealing her until […]

I am very excited to introduce Arnaud Launay to the District 31 team. Arnaud (or more commonly Arctopicto) is working exclusively on Snowball Storm right now and he is really delivering on some super adorable and funny artwork. Here is a super early (totally mocked up fonts) version of the Unicorn Snowball card. You can […]

Hi wizards Here’s a magical September update. CAKE OFF Due to various delays, the magical cake baking game is rather behind, which means I have the unfortunate task of putting the launch back to Q1 2018 (February / March), which I very much wanted to avoid, but the Christmas / January period is typically a […]

I’m making a Lovecraftian game. Surpriiiise! I know, I know, another Cthulhu game – but I’m not ashamed. OK, so I’m not TOTALLY ashamed. It’s going to be fantastic, and I’ll tell you what happened and how it came about. When I started this whole process, one of my most basic desires was to make […]