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Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Where you think that banging your head against a brick wall would be more effective than anything else you’ve achieved that day? Well imagine that, and then stretch it out to the past two weeks…* I managed to sort out the issues with […]

Check out the rules to Ember version 1.6. These see massive changes to the existing rules, including a new Flip method and a way to mitigate the early game by limiting the cards available at the start of the game. As always, you can still play the old way (particularly suited for younger gamers) but […]

There is never enough time… The entire website needs a complete overhaul and the BLOG needs updating (there’s almost a year of these updates to post on the action-packed adventures of District 31*), but the problem is: there’s never any time. With all the playtesting and writing and design and development, updating the BLOG takes […]

I’d rather face the Tarrasque than launch a Kickstarter. The industry has become so brutal it should practically be an underground competitive sport! There’s so much competition out there – so many pretty things to tempt the eye – you have to have a hook or some incredible marketing strategy – something to set your […]

From the ASHES District 31 is to release an Expansion to Ember: the Magical Card Game. From the Ashes is a 55 card expansion featuring new creatures, abilities, spells and quests. Focussing on lower VP creatures, the expansion features 25 new creatures, with all new or rounded abilities, to add more options and excitement to […]

We’re going to the UK Games Expo from 2nd to 5th June 2016. Come see us and get a daily promo card, along with our competitions, playtests of Ember and previews of other things to come…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download See you over the weekend at E7A.

Hope you had the best festive period and a great new year with lots of your favourite food. It’s time to look to 2016 for all the new products we’ve got coming out, and we can’t do it without you! Ember is now scheduled for a 19th January 2016 release on Kickstarter. Let’s hope we can […]

District 31 has gone live and we’re on the run up to our first Kickstarter campaign, Ember: The Magical Card Game, which launches 13th October 2016 at 12:00 noon (GMT). Check back then for competitions and loads more information on Ember.

The company is launched. It’s called District 31 and I’m happy with that. You can check out the FB page at: Why District 31? Well I was a bit tired of people calling their company adjective + noun + games (for instance, Wizard’s Sleeve Games). That’s just getting quite tired, and besides, I’m not JUST […]