14Apr 2020

Today has been an interesting day. I found out the artist I used for Cake Off (the previous one to the amazing Maria Becvar) has posted all the completed art she finished online and basically spouted a load of half-truths about what really happened. But being told I haven’t paid her and that I lied […]

08Apr 2020

So today is a difficult day, simply because I’m trying to make the difficult decision to launch GEODE or to hold back until later in the year. Potentially much later. I could launch on the first week of May, but there are so many unknown variables that make any decision incredibly difficult. We’re seeing a […]

05Apr 2020

We don’t always get it right. Actually, I say “we”, but there’s really only me here these days. With the massive delays in all the District 31 projects (over four years and counting), there’s no work for other people and it’s all just game design and endless playtesting. There hasn’t been a packer, or even […]

01Apr 2020

So, GEODE should have been live now. After all the headaches and troubles, failed art projects and endless delays, I only feel numb tonight. Five years ago I had the dream to launch my own publishing company (I’ve done it for so many other companies, why not)? I had all the skills and the enthusiasm; […]

27Mar 2020

No gaming post today; with all that’s going on in the world, anything I say about gaming would be pointless. There are far more important things happening and there’s fear everywhere you turn. So instead I’m going to say: I know without a doubt that things will get better. But in these dark and fear-filled […]

25Mar 2020

After writing on Monday about the endless delays to District 31, it breaks my heart to have to say that due to the current pandemic, I am faced with the reality that Geode isn’t going to do as well as I had hoped on Kickstarter. And it deserves to do really well! Believe me, this […]

23Mar 2020

I’ve been in publishing a looong time. Really, my first story was writing about the mass-extinction event that killed the dinosaurs. But I joke. … It was covering the fall of the Roman Empire. Publishing is easy; it’s changed a lot in twenty five years, but the basic concepts are the same. Technology has moved […]

20Mar 2020

I won’t deny. I am excited about the Geode launch on the 1st of April. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am practically terrified that the backers aren’t going to come back and that all the good work I did with Ember has washed away over the past year. The problems with […]

18Mar 2020

I’m SO proud of Geode. It’s a freaking awesome game, but the truth is: there’s a whole extra game out there that you might never see. Geode was always designed to be a simple game, you complete a geode, you win a contract tile. It’s all about not giving your opponent any opportunities to score […]

16Mar 2020

The ultimate publisher issue: hundreds of playtests and months and MONTHS of time and no one has said anything even remotely negative about Geode. Nothing beyond lots of effusive comments and requests to play again… and then. And then the reviews come in. A few reviewers have castigated Geode saying: “too much randomness”. It’s nothing […]