18Mar 2020

I’m SO proud of Geode. It’s a freaking awesome game, but the truth is: there’s a whole extra game out there that you might never see. Geode was always designed to be a simple game, you complete a geode, you win a contract tile. It’s all about not giving your opponent any opportunities to score […]

16Mar 2020

The ultimate publisher issue: hundreds of playtests and months and MONTHS of time and no one has said anything even remotely negative about Geode. Nothing beyond lots of effusive comments and requests to play again… and then. And then the reviews come in. A few reviewers have castigated Geode saying: “too much randomness”. It’s nothing […]

01Mar 2020

As a journalist, one of the first things they tell you is “don’t Google yourself”. OK, so this was 1990 and there was no Google or even the Internet, but the point stands (don’t read your reviews in magazines). As a publisher in 2020, I have no choice but to face the unenviable task of […]

27Apr 2019

Due to a bereavement, there’s no update this week. Harley, the magical familiar, passed away at 11.57 on Saturday 20th April 2019. He was beloved beyond words. RIP little man. Loved you more than all the games in the universe!

19Apr 2019

Trick or Treat is printed and will be shipping to us soon. Probably next week. Hurrah! Then, all we need to do is get some boxes printed (which should be a super quick task) and we can finally put Ember to bed. That means sending out your cards to you all. Exciting! Stay tuned as […]

12Apr 2019

It’s finally here… the final Ember expansion – Trick or Treat – is being printed. I seem to only post my publishing woes on this page, but to say it’s been a massive undertaking – that would be an understatement. The challenges of Hercules would have been preferable to getting this expansion printed. I’d rather […]

05Apr 2019

There are days when I think I’ve angered Great Cthulhu and that my little publishing company is cursed. I don’t want to speak badly of anyone that isn’t here to defend themselves, but I’ve just had another artist pull out of the Cake Off project. Another one! I got no notice and simply a warning […]

01Apr 2019

I’ve been in professional publishing for almost thirty years, and I never – ever – thought starting my own company would be so difficult. And despite Cake Off – which should be one of District 31’s flagship games (simply because it’s awesome), it’s still taken three years to get off the ground. And I can […]

29Mar 2019

After all the delays and – I wager – every excuse under the sun, I think – I hope – that we’ll have a full schedule for 2019. And I wanted to talk about it a little bit. Coming soon is Snowball Storm – an action packed super light game that is Christmas themed and […]

29Mar 2019

It’s only been three years since we were supposed to launch Cake Off, and things almost entirely stalled in 2018, but it’s almost time to come back to full operations. The website will be given a complete overhaul in the coming weeks in readiness for Snowball Storm, which will launch end of May 2019 or […]