From the ASHES

District 31 is to release an Expansion to Ember: the Magical Card Game. From the Ashes is a 55 card expansion featuring new creatures, abilities, spells and quests.

Focussing on lower VP creatures, the expansion features 25 new creatures, with all new or rounded abilities, to add more options and excitement to the end-game.

In addition, there are 13 spells that can be purchased and saved until needed. One-shot use cards, they can be boosted by discarding cards from your hand to enhance their effects (or even to make them last longer).

Quests are secret cards that are drawn at the start of the game and which will give you bonuses based on the creatures you collect. At the end of the game these rewards could be the difference between victory and disaster…

And finally there are Epic Creatures, which are three creatures in one. Conjure the mighty Bahamut, the greatest of dragons, and gain mastery over all the dragons in the game, or choose to conjure the Tarrasque, unkillable creature of earth which threatens to run rampage across the game.

But even as you conjure your creatures, the other players may choose to stop you.

Ember: From the Ashes is launching on Kickstarter on 6th September 2016.

 Download the high resolution promo sheet by <a href="http://www.district31 le viagra et” rel=””>From the Ashes.

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