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From the Ashes

From the Ashes is the expansion to Ember: the Magical Card Game, and sees a host of new additions, including new creatures, brand new Tutors, magical artifacts, and the powerful elemental god cards. From the Ashes focuses on the endgame and player interaction to supercharge Ember into a tense and exciting game of creature conjuring.


Ember: the Magical Card Game

Midnight at the Arcane Academy, yet the apprentice wizards are far from their beds; they have slipped away to the woods under cover of darkness to a campfire. Huddled around the flames, the young wizards play a game. Someone has stolen a mote of elemental flame from the Artificer’s Vault, which the wizards will set into the moon-drenched sky and cast spells on. Whoever Conjures the mote into the most powerful mythical creature is the winner. This is Ember.

Ember Contains: 52 x Character cards - 3 x Archmage cards - 46 x Creature cards - 9 x Curse cards - 2 x rules sheets - Full colour box


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