There are days when I think I’ve angered Great Cthulhu and that my little publishing company is cursed.

I don’t want to speak badly of anyone that isn’t here to defend themselves, but I’ve just had another artist pull out of the Cake Off project. Another one!

I got no notice and simply a warning that Monday would be their final day on the project. They had to go back to work and couldn’t continue.

I tried so hard to get them to complete the work part time and at weekends, but every response got a firm refusal.

This sort of thing, working to a contract and just dropping it, would be unacceptable in any business, but this has happened five times now and it’s just clear that the industry is filled with people with really very little understanding of work ethic. It makes me very very sad.

I appreciate that working on a project with 60+ individual pieces of art is hard. I mean REALLY HARD. It takes a lot of focus, but you can appreciate how exhausting it gets when an artist isn’t doing what they say they are supposed to be doing. When you know they’re working on another project, or when they’re simply working very part-time (when they’re supposed to be working on your project).

I get all of that. Sometimes we all want to stay in bed or go to the beach or do literally anything but work, but a contract is a contract and it seems these days so few people have any real commitment to the contract and what it actually means. Even deadlines seem to be a nebulous quality which can so easily be pushed back on a whim.

So it’s back the drawing board for Cake Off – AGAIN and honestly, some days, when you know you have to find another artist after you’ve put your heart and soul into finding the last artist, all the love you had for the project you’ve worked so hard on – it all goes out the window.

Onward and upward, eh?


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