I’ve been in professional publishing for almost thirty years, and I never – ever – thought starting my own company would be so difficult.

And despite Cake Off – which should be one of District 31’s flagship games (simply because it’s awesome), it’s still taken three years to get off the ground.

And I can finally say it’s actually happening. Seven artists have worked on this project – SEVEN! And every time we get part way into the project, something happens and they end up dropping out, which sets me back six months (and costs me a huge amount of money).

But I can confirm that Maria Becvar – the rather fabulous and actually super cool artist – is working to bring Cake Off to life and she has so far utterly exceeded expectations.

So why has it all taken so long and why didn’t I just release another game instead?

Well, everything falls on Cake Off’s shoulders; it was all planned that it would launch all the other games, and as Eldritch is a variant of Cake Off (it really is a sensational game, did I say that yet?), we can’t launch anything until CO is out there.

So we now have quite a few games backed up.

It’s very frustrating.

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