So I’ve got a Kickstarter running. It’s only tiny, but it sells off the last (hopefully) of the wooden deck boxes I’ve had made.

And this time I’ve not posted an update. WHY? Because frankly I’ve got 40-ish backers and I’ve already lost quite a few (the frustration of people pledging and cancelling is another column ENTIRELY) but I want to keep the ones I have and I feel that posting an update would be to draw attention to the campaign. It’s not going to do anything positive for the people who have already pledged; in fact it may well make them look at the campaign and go “Oh yeah, didn’t really want that, actually”.

It’s all a frustrating house of cards. I love to talk and interact with the backers, but equally, you don’t want to say too much – and one tiny email can lose you plenty of pledges – if you catch them at the wrong time.

I may post an update when we get down to the final 48 hours, but right now, I have a goal in my head that I’d like to reach and I’m trying to do everything I can to reach that goal.

And that certainly won’t include posting an update.

Not yet, anyway.

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