Geode launches in just seven days. On one hand I’m crazy excited, on the other, the vast majority of the reviewers have ignored my update and reviewed the game based purely on the original box.

Which is INCREDIBLY frustrating because I sent out copies months ago. But there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Just trust me when I say I’ve listened. I’ve made some major *but subtle* changes to the game to address literally all of the concerns of the reviewers (which, curiously, weren’t held by the vast majority of the playtesters). I’ve addressed the luck element, the contract card variance, and literally all of the elements – except one: the GRID. Which I’ll discuss in the developer diary on Friday.

I could hold back the release and get a whole new set of reviews created, but that seems pointless now. Instead I’m going to do a run of developer diaries over the week of launch to discuss the decisions I made to create GEODE.

168 hours to go.

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