So, GEODE should have been live now. After all the headaches and troubles, failed art projects and endless delays, I only feel numb tonight.

Five years ago I had the dream to launch my own publishing company (I’ve done it for so many other companies, why not)? I had all the skills and the enthusiasm; my work is extensive, I’ve written so much and had a best selling game line…

But fate had other ideas.

Trying to stay positive when the world is literally falling apart around you – that’s tricky. It would have been nice to have a success story to tell you all today, but instead there’s only more uncertainty.

I’m tempted to launch GEODE on the 1st of June. That seems far enough away to have the worst of this behind us, but isn’t that just more optimistic thinking?

I guess we’ll see over the next month…

I’ve been following Frosthaven on Kickstarter this past 24 hours and 5 million dollars pledged is a huge amount, so there are clearly people still willing to pledge to campaigns (although it does look like existing fans of existing brands).

Suddenly there are no certainties in life.

I hope you are all keeping safe.

Master of Despondency

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