We don’t always get it right. Actually, I say “we”, but there’s really only me here these days. With the massive delays in all the District 31 projects (over four years and counting), there’s no work for other people and it’s all just game design and endless playtesting. There hasn’t been a packer, or even anyone to answer emails in over a year…

So today I wanted to talk about when we get things wrong. And sometimes, it can go spectacularly wrong.

I had signed off the entirety of the last little wooden box campaign in February, and then moved over to Office 365 for all my emails. I thought everything was complete and that everyone had their orders…

And then I got an angry email from one of the backers on our website spam email. They still have not received their goods.

But worse, there were several emails. Quite a few, getting increasingly more irate. And quite rightly so; it looks as though I’ve not been responding to emails.

That’s heartbreaking to me as I set up District 31 to provide superlative customer service, but with no active campaigns, I could be forgiven for not logging directly into Kickstarter to see the endless spam I get a day (we can get your campaign ten million hits for just $50, click here…).

So the truth was that with the move over to Office 365 and a massive change from Outlook, I wasn’t receiving any Kickstarter emails. And when you’re a small company, it’s so easy to overlook this kind of thing because there’s always five million things to do at any point in time and it’s always a fire fighting exercise.

And its especially soul-destroying because Jason, the one backer who pledged more than anyone else and really supported District 31, still hasn’t got his goodies.

So, Jason, I’ve replied today, explained everything, and I’ll chase it with the post office tomorrow. I WILL get you your goodies! I swear it!

I think all any of us can do is our best and take the best and most professional action to resolve issues like this. When you’re dealing with mail order there are always going to be issues (remember when I sent out Ember at the end of November 2017? People were still receiving their pledges in March 2018 – won’t be sending a Christmas campaign out again that late ever again – it cost a fortune in replacement orders and I think every single backer genuinely believed I was lying when I said their orders had been dispatched at the end of November).

So, to Jason, I’m on it. Really. I hope it turns up in the next few days. The parcels where they’ve not been scanned in the UK and are stuck in a sorting office somewhere are the WORST kinds of problems (I’ve got the same problem with an Australian order sent on the same day – we can’t track it as its not been scanned and we can only hope it will get scanned in Australia at some point, or when it’s delivered – (usually when it’s delivered).

Sometimes the parcels are stuck at the sorting office. If they’re a weird shape or have been put aside, they can be left for weeks and no one lets me know until they one day turn up on my doorstep with the message “We didn’t know what to do with this parcel so we returned it”.

And sometimes I mess up. I fail to process every order or if there’s 500 orders, I’ll miss one, or, occasionally, one will fall down the back of the printer and vanish for six weeks…

So, to everyone else, if you’ve not had your orders or there’s anything wrong with what you have received, send me a message. NOT via Kickstarter because it can be really unreliable. Get me on Facebook, or just post on Twitter. Because there’s no sinister goings on here; just a bunch of issues conspiring against us.

But after four years of delays, what’s new?

So sorry, Jason!

Archmage Stewie

Master of Lost Messages

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