I won’t deny. I am excited about the Geode launch on the 1st of April.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am practically terrified that the backers aren’t going to come back and that all the good work I did with Ember has washed away over the past year.

The problems with the printer taking 8 months to tell me they couldn’t print the box for Ember Trick or Treat was a huge problem (that I could never have possibly foreseen) and I just wonder if all the massive whopping delays due to losing endless artists and every other issue imaginable…

… will all of that give my backers pause or will they judge Geode on its own merits?

I feel like District 31 is starting all over again (again) and that I’m practically at square one, which is a very strange feeling.

I just hope I’ve got enough support to make a difference and that Geode – which is a massively expensive game both to develop and release – will get the launch I feel it deserves.

So, are you a backer of Ember and are you going to come back for Geode?

With Cake Off on its heels, so much depends on the success of one little tile-placing game.

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