It’s a brand new week; the chance to create brand new amazing things, AND, of course to decide whether to launch GEODE in the near future.

I have just about – I think – secured a graphic designer to create the Kickstarter page; I swear designers are rarer than polka-dot spotted Welsh dragons (if you’re wondering, polka-dot spotted English dragons are ten a penny).

But if all goes well, launching on the 12th of May and finishing on Sunday 31st May – which is 19 days. That’s about right for me… it’s possibly NOT long enough to build any serious buzz, but the middle week is always very slow anyway.

And if things go OK (or fail entirely), I can always run another campaign later in the year…

I’m so reluctant to launch on a Tuesday – the world and her mother launches on a Tuesday – and it’ll be just like me to be stuck with the likes of Cool Mini or some other big hitter, BUT they’ve just finished their Ankh campaign and Frosthaven has ended, so I should be home free!

So right now, lots of nervous what-ifs and not many answers, because it’s been four years since the last campaign (cannot believe I was sending out solicitations for Cake Off for February 2016 – only four and a bit years late), but I will have four products launching this year: the Cake Off art is finished and I just need a graphic designer to work on the card borders.

Ultimately, there’s so much to do and no answers to anything.

But isn’t that always the way?

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