I’m making a Lovecraftian game. Surpriiiise!

I know, I know, another Cthulhu game – but I’m not ashamed.

OK, so I’m not TOTALLY ashamed. It’s going to be fantastic, and I’ll tell you what happened and how it came about.

When I started this whole process, one of my most basic desires was to make a Cthulhu game. This was YEARS ago when District 31 wasn’t even “a thing”; I’ve loved Lovecraft for decades and when I started this, there wasn’t the crazy raft of games with Cthulhu-tacked on to them at the time.

So race forward three years and Ember has been released and I’m following it up with a Lovecraft game. I know everyone thinks there are too many Cthulhu games out there, and they may be right, and we all know far too many of them use the theme to sell the game, rather than make a game based on the Lovecraftian Mythos from the ground up, but I have two Lovecraftian games planned over the next 18 months and by Hastur I’m going to make them!

Eldritch really is a game built with the Mythos in mind (you’re evil cultists trying to gain favour with the Great Old Ones) and sure everyone knows Lovecraft is still pretty hot, but this is a game which the feel of the Mythos at the foreground.

So sure, I’m using a hot (but tired) property, but it was planned for years and I’m not changing it now! It all just feels so right and fits so perfectly in with the setting, so I’m excited for it.

Let’s notch those those Byakhee up to 11 and let’s get conjuring some non-euclidian madness from beyond time and space.

Eldritch is coming Halloween 2017.

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