Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Where you think that banging your head against a brick wall would be more effective than anything else you’ve achieved that day?

Well imagine that, and then stretch it out to the past two weeks…*

I managed to sort out the issues with the printer which took entire days of my time – before my PC died and has to go for repairs at the big electronic hospital in the sky. So there’s absolutely no typesetting of Ember cards going on and it’ll be next week before it comes back. Frustrating.

It’s still on track for a January printing, though. Might even be December. Who can say? If anyone knows a reliable Oracle, send them on over, I could do with a good Augury spell.

Knowing me, I’d cast some complex fortune telling spell only to be told by the powers that be: all lines are busy… please try again later.

But faux optimism aside, if all of that wasn’t enough, the Kickstarter campaign for Light and Dark appears to have completely stalled as the verification system within Kickstarter itself is broken and I’ve been waiting three weeks to hit that¬†Launch button. And no one at Kickstarter really seems to have any impetus to get it fixed, or even to reply to any of my emails. I’m being passive-aggressively ignored by the customer service reps as they can’t or won’t answer my emails (which are strongly worded, but still very polite).

So it’s a case of being trapped between a rock (monster) and a hard plaice (only this fish is the spiny razorback grindlefish which has 200 hit points and vorpal teeth of gnashing – it’s not pretty).

I’m going to stay optimistic, only my Aura of Hope has taken a few critical hits this week and I’m not quite as perky as I was this time in September. It’ll all get done, by brute force I expect.

Still, four weeks to Xmas and how’s this for a present? The first two cards from Eldritch: the Dice Game. I need to say that I just borrowed the fabulous graphics from Valeria: Card Kingdoms to frame the cards, and everything is owned by someone else. It will all change on the final versions.


*They hunt in pairs. Mostly.

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