After all the delays and – I wager – every excuse under the sun, I think – I hope – that we’ll have a full schedule for 2019.

And I wanted to talk about it a little bit.

Coming soon is Snowball Storm – an action packed super light game that is Christmas themed and sees you flinging snowballs at each other. This is a game that’s all but finished now, so I am expecting to get it on Kickstarter end of May / early June 2019.

Maria is hard at work on doing amazing things with Cake Off, so I anticipate that will launch September 2019. I want it out for the festive period, so hopefully we’ll have the exciting festive expansion for that as well.

After that we’ve got an Ember game just around the corner; a completely redesigned version that smooths out all the original flaws and makes the game more appealing to gamers who prefer less random card drawing and more scheming and planning.

I’m also going to try and launch Vampyres, the sequel to the best-selling RPG gamebook of 2000, which sold a *LOT* of copies. I’ve got all the original writers and artists on board, and it’s already looking sumptuous in the extreme. If you like vampires, then this is really the ultimate coffee-table source book on the subject.

Then in 2020 we’ll have the incredibly ambitious BlackSpire RPG, which is something I’ve personally invested possibly thousands of hours, and is ridiculously ambitious (for reasons I cannot tell you right now).

In terms of games we’ve got Neon, a sci-fi cyber game of rival characters and there’s KaBlooey, my first game and my favourite, which sees you all throwing bombs around while trying to avoid the explosive carnage.

There is so much going on, and I’m looking even further ahead and trying to plan everything. So much has been delayed due to the simple fact that District 31 is so far behind in terms of release schedule and it’s very frustrating, but hopefully one of our 2019 games will be even reasonably successful and we’ll be able to fund the next set of releases.

I can honestly say I’m excited for what it to come, and I sincerely hope the 2018 / 2019 delay hasn’t dimmed your appetite for future releases.

Archmage Stewie

Master of Whet Appetites

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