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Here’s a magical September update.

Due to various delays, the magical cake baking game is rather behind, which means I have the unfortunate task of putting the launch back to Q1 2018 (February / March), which I very much wanted to avoid, but the Christmas / January period is typically a horrible time for crowdfunding so this is the only real option.

That said, Cake Off is very nearly complete in terms of testing and I’m putting the rules into the final format and arranging for a preview copy to be printed so I can ship it out to reviewers. It’s quite an exciting time and it means I’ll have some really professional products for the Kickstarter video and unboxing videos.

It also means 2018 will be incredibly busy as Eldritch is all but complete and *was* scheduled for an early 2018 Kickstarter release. This means with the unannounced (non-boardgame-related) products, 2018 will be a packed year and that’s rather scary.

I’ve almost got all the layout and graphics done for Cake Off and I think the results will be very exciting. I’ll be spoon-feeding you art and game details all month but the responses have been really favourable from the blind testers so I think it really will be a game for all the family!

You’ll also see KaBlooey next year and that’s a promise! The explosive card game is scheduled for a mid 2018 launch and there will be dragons!

Will be going into early playtesting shortly, and this is a Lovecraftian game of cultists seeking to gain the most favour with the great old ones. More news on that really soon (October update) (going to make sure the cards are finished before leaking any proper art).

District 31 is suffering from a lack of playtesters, and a company is only as strong as its games are tested, so if you can spare any time at all, please do send me a message. Looking for groups of around four to six people who are able to playtest various elements of games – most of them have some – but not all art – and playtesting is a tricky job – so this isn’t a job for everyone.

And that’s about it. The October update will have a lot more information on Eldritch and the release after that (honestly, it’s like buses, you wait all year and then four games show up at once!) which I will say is Worker Placement, but if you saw the last Ember questionnaire, you’ll know exactly what this game is all about.

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  1. Hello,
    I have come across your website and notice in your September Update, you were looking for playtesters. I am interested in applying for this position, but I was wondering if you are sill accepting applications.
    Kind regards.
    Dominic Slack.


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