There’s no one on earth who feels more like a failure than I do right now.

And it’s pretty clear why. Geode didn’t just fail, it was a humiliating and unmitigated disaster for someone with a writing career as long as mine.

I’m used to writing things and them instantly being a huge hit. And when you take on the mantle of publisher, that just isn’t the case. You have to build a brand and work on developing your company. And District 31 has had more than its share of delays.

It’s been four years since Ember was a minor hit and a lot has changed since then. I practically disappeared from the internet to work on my projects, and you’re only as relevant as your last *successful* release.

Maybe Geode is a game that simply hasn’t resonated with the public. They are excited about Cake Off and Eldritch, but I’ve learned that most of what they like is the theme of a game. And Geode is rather pedestrian in that regard (it’s about rocks).

So I need to think about my next steps very carefully. Do I relaunch with a cheaper product that’s more appealing, or drop Geode and move on to more anticipated games?

I wish I had the answers…


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