I’m SO proud of Geode. It’s a freaking awesome game, but the truth is: there’s a whole extra game out there that you might never see.

Geode was always designed to be a simple game, you complete a geode, you win a contract tile. It’s all about not giving your opponent any opportunities to score their own geodes. It’s THAT simple.

BUT there’s another game which you may never see. A game with more options and extra tiles which mitigates the luck and makes the game so much tighter.

The game was SO incredibly expensive to produce. If we only print 1500 copies, £25 is going to be one hell of a bargain.

I’m hoping that it funds so you can all see how much fun Geode is, and get your hands on the expansion tiles, which allow you to modify the numbers on the contract tiles. As well as one-shot abilities, which cost you guineas, but can give you the edge when seeking out those elusive geodes.

There’s a lot to see and play out there with Geode. 😀

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