So yesterday wasn’t a great day. So many emotions, and I’m glad to share it with you all, even if it was a very dark time in my life.

The biggest thing I took from yesterday is that I made so many mistakes.

So VERY many mistakes.

Geode wasn’t nearly ready to launch – if it ever was – simply because it has so few components and so little art. I was wondering why Geode didn’t resonate with the backers and I think it’s down to a hundred different tiny reasons. There’s no one reason, it’s just a bunch of variables.

Let’s see what the Dice Tower thinks of it and then hopefully we can make some decisions. Maybe it’ll never see the light of day…

For now, I’ve had a “word” with myself and accepted my humongous mistakes and now I’m going to keep working on promoting Cake Off and I’ve got a lot of art from the old KaBlooey – which I’m putting together into an experimental solo adventure. Which is quite exciting. People want something art filled and bright… so I’m full speed on that today.

There’s really no time to be down about past mistakes – they’re a part of life – and it says far more about how you respond to them than anything.

So here I am, working on my new game…

I’ll post some pictures soon 🙂

Optimism is powerful healer.

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