It’s finally here… the final Ember expansion – Trick or Treat – is being printed.

I seem to only post my publishing woes on this page, but to say it’s been a massive undertaking – that would be an understatement. The challenges of Hercules would have been preferable to getting this expansion printed.

I’d rather have murdered the Stymphalian Birds than have to deal with another issue on this project :O.

And do you know, I honestly and truly don’t know why it’s been such a gargantuan hassle. I cannot imagine another time in publishing when something so simple has been so difficult.

Anyway it’s all done now and the new printer (for upcoming games) is also be in Europe and they seem to actively want to print my games; so I’m very excited for the future.

The only stepping stone now with Trick or Treat is that the game didn’t come with a box; the cards are shrink-wrapped, but I’m having to get the boxes printed here in the UK.

So that’s the next step. But I’m SO excited to share in the final journey of Ember with you and to see what you think.

What started as a tiny game with no plans for any expansions turned into a sprawling behemoth with hundreds of cards. It’ll always be a small and intimate game that only a small number of gamers care about, but I wanted to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me.

Today Ember, tomorrow, the world Cake Off.


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